If you'd like to register as a member of the club you're in the right place.

Just so you know

In this form we ask you everything we need to know so we can register you as a member of the club. This involves your name and address, contact information, and what level of membership you would like.

Registering children

If you are registering children so they can attend training sessions and participate in matches we ask for information about them, including their age and school year, doctors contact details, whether they have any form of disability - and quite a lot more. That means if you have a couple (or even more!) children to register this form may take you several minutes.

We're sorry about that, but to ensure we have the information we need to keep our junior members safe we need to ask a lot of questions! The good news is we're working on making it so you only have to enter this information once - next year you'll be able to check your information, make any changes you need to, then renew your membership.

Before we start

We need to ask for your permission to collect and store all this information. Please tick the box below to continue.