Under 13s Cricket Training


Andy BiddleAndy Biddle: Andy has been an enthusiastic supporter of the club since his sons, currently aged 9, 10 and 13 started playing for Liversedge CC in their respective age groups. This means that he spends a considerable amount of time at Liversedge CC and has recently joined the General Committee.

Andy’s eldest son is a budding leg spin bowler in the U13 team and a keen middle order batter.

Coaching and matches

By U13 level cricket is getting more serious, with some of the better players getting involved with league and even district teams. We expect high levels of discipline and hard work at U13 – but we also make sure juniors enjoy training by using lots of competitive exercises. It’s amazing how much a little friendly rivalry will help get the best out of the kids! Training is done with a mixture of net practice with both bat and ball, fielding training and general fitness exercises.

At U13 level kids generally specialise in one of the two main bowling techniques, and those with particular skills with the bat or keeping wicket are also coming to the fore. As kids have generally been playing cricket for a number of years by this point we would expect them to have a full set of kit. This is also the point where an investment in a good quality bat makes a lot of sense.

Matches are held on Wednesday evenings, usually starting about 6:30pm – except for early in the seasons (before the last week in May generally) when the start time is 6pm. We treat U13 matches seriously, as we aim to compete up there with the best teams in the league. It’s not unusual for kids at U13 level who show talent at cricket to also play U15 matches, and this is an excellent way to quickly “level up”. At the club we’re also on the lookout for future adult team squad members, and at U13 we can start to see this level of skill develop.