U13 Guard of Honour

On the 17th August 2018 there was no training for our U11, U13 and U15 squads. Were we rained off? No: our U13s were selected to be Guard of Honour at a Yorkshire CC game at Headingley! This Vitality Blast game against Nottinghamshire was pretty important, as the winners would be advancing to the quarter-finals.

Being Guard of Honour was a real treat, as the kids got to be on the pitch for quite a while before the match (waving flags, wearing their commemorative Vitality Blast t-shirts). They didn’t seem bothered about being on the picth until I pointed to the sign that said you could be arrested for going on there without permission!

During the break they participated in a Throw Show, where both Guard of Honour teams compete each other to throw as many balls through a target in a set amount of time. Our kids won, of course!

It was great being in a group together on the stands, with plenty of laughs and excitement from the game. In fact the only thing that wasn’t so great is the fact that Yorkshire lost, but there’s always next year.

I hope the kids really enjoyed their few minutes in the spotlight, and the club would like to extend our thanks to Yorkshire CC for the opportunity. We’d also like to give huge thanks to Jo Needler who organised the night, made sure everyone knew where to go and when, and was generally a star. Thanks, Jo!