The return of matches

The field at Liversedge Cricket Club

The last few months have been difficult for everyone, not least cricket players and fans. The England and West Indies teams are currently battling it out in Manchester, and over in Yorkshire the return of junior and senior matches has just been announced.

So with a great deal of relief we are happy to say there will be matches where you can see Liversedge in action this summer. Things will be quite different due to the ongoing pandemic situation, but the game is on anyway!

Junior matches

First, let’s look at how junior matches will be played. The main thing to note is that all matches will be friendlies – there will be no trophies awarded this year. There are also some other rules for youngsters:

  • All games to comply with ECB government COVID-19 guidelines, the same as senior matches
  • No fees, no fines, no trophies, and no cup games
  • All league rules to apply in terms of safety
  • Clubs are free to re-arrange matches should their opponent not be able to play
  • As games will run into August and the light may fail, some matches will start at 5PM

Further details about the exact rules to follow before, during and after matches will be given by the club. Our aim is to keep everyone safe as they play or spectate.

Of course, exactly which age groups will play depends on us being able to put together a team for each match. So please let your coach know if you’d like to play, or if you’re going to be lucky enough to be going on holiday and so aren’t available.

Senior matches

Senior matches are also going to look a bit different. There’s been some guidance from the Bradford League, which you can read below:

Forty-three clubs are participating with just five feeling unable to play. We have 40 teams entering the first team competitions and 35 competing at second team level.

There will be 10 teams in each of the first team divisions and they will be split into two regional groups of five. Each team will be guaranteed eight matches with the two group winners in each division contesting the final.

We have eight teams in the Premier, Division One and Division Three of the second teams, with 11 in Division Two.

The aim is to provide them with six games each with the top two in each of the division’s regional groups contesting the semi-finals.

The fixtures are currently being drafted and will be issued once they are complete. The competition rules are also being drafted and will be distributed once they have been finalised.

Further information will be given by the club on exactly what rules need to be followed before, during and after the match.

We understand this is still a strange time, and some of the rules we have to follow may be unfamiliar and uncomfortable. But our aim as a club is to get some matches played, and keep everyone involved safe.