Plans for Reopening LCC – PHASE ONE

During the last few weeks, we have undertaken a programme of deep cleaning and decluttering of the whole of the Clubhouse and Bar. Within this programme we have sanitised surfaces & facilities, cleaned the carpets and upholstery and removed some furniture.

As of Saturday 4th July, we are allowed to, and will be reopening the Club putting into place restrictions in line with guidance set by HM Government. Through this guidance and instruction, we will be setting into place the following measures to ensure social distancing for use of the Club facilities, but it is you our members who need to make this a safe place for you and others by adhering to the changes.

Upon entry to the Club we must insist that members, partners and guests use the sanitising point inside the entrance. From here you will be asked to sign in with the time of entry, print your name and contact number and the last four digits of your membership card.

Entry will be granted to MEMBERS and PARTNERS who MUST have membership cards in their possession NO CARD – NO ENTRY. Partners need to be members and may become a member for the standard joining fees displayed at the entrance. Ideally guests would complete a membership form.

This process helps us support the NHS TRACK and TRACE process

Any member found to be accommodating a non member and not having followed the above process will have their membership terminated with immediate effect. No exceptions. WE MUST KEEP YOU ALL SAFE.

If you wish to bring a child into the club they must sit with you at your table at all times. If you are on the patio they must also remain seated at your table/on your bench. If children are on the field they must be noticeably supervised at all times. When going to the toilet all children of all ages must be supervised by a parent or guardian.

We are limited to the number of members able to be inside the Club at any one to time to around 50 people, dependant on family groups and social bubbles. Furniture inside and outside of the Club will be laid out in such a way to encourage and abide by social distancing guidelines. You MUST NOT move any chairs or tables unless by agreement with a STAFF or COMMITTEE Member.


We have a strict queuing system for bar service and glass return. Once you are signed in follow the path to the bar and maintain social distancing. Wait at the tape until you are asked for your order. YOU MUST BE PATIENT AND SAFE so follow the rules.Select your table whilst your partner brings your drinks. Alternatively go straight outside to the patio via the steps.

No standing within the clubhouse

This is In line with Government guidance, you cannot stand indoors to drink or socialise. We have 1 metre pathways to the bar, and toilets which must be observed by all without exception.

When outside we MUST insist members’ social distance and be aware that in the event of poor weather, you may not be able to access the interior of the Club due to social distance restrictions and capacity.

One way system

There is a one-way system in place, entry is ONLY via the Car park fire door to get to the bar, then exiting by the front door to the patio down the steps. Re-entry for drinks, (taking your glasses/bottles to the return point inside on the bar by the phone)is by the patio ramp and Car park fire door. If you are leaving the club, take your glass and bottle empties to the return point beside the car park door.


We have temporally closed the lady’s toilets to support social distancing and we invite the ladies (with young children) to use the disabled toilet. The men’s toilet is limited to 1 in 1 out (but with young children they can use the disabled). On exiting either toilet, be aware of conflict!!!! Then go out of the main door, turn left and and back into the club via the Car park fire door. If you are coming off the patio or field then use the steps taking care of the conflict area in the main door way with people coming from the toilets and bar.


Please use the area by the back gate and use the bins/buckets provided. Remember you still need to adhere to social distancing rules.


Members must ensure hygiene standards are kept to the best possible level regarding hand washing and sanitising. Staff will be increasing their level of hand washing to reduce risk and this could delay the serving time so please be patient. We have also provided staff with the relevant PPE and screens for their protection. We hope all members will take seriously the hygiene standards we are trying to set. We have set-up numerous hand-sanitising stations around the Clubhouse for members to use.

Table cleaning

If you see a table you wish to use that has been vacated, we have the necessary cleaning materials barside, so please ask when collecting your drinks.


Payments by card are preferred, ideally CONTACTLESS. Yes, we now have a card machine in the club. Cash and touching the card machine needs to be minimised, but we will accept your payment, however its you the customer, taking the risk. There is a £45 contactless limit and NO CASH BACK FACILITY.

Opening hours

Finally, we have new temporary opening times for the 1st 2 weeks (wc 4th & 11th July) as follows:

  • Friday 17:30 to 22:00
  • Saturday 14.00 to 22.00
  • Sunday 12:00 to 20:00


DRINKS MUST BE CONSUMED AND MEMBERS MUST EXIT/LEAVE the Premises by 22:30 on Friday/Saturday and 20.30 on Sunday. This is to support additional hygiene measures.

These measures will be reviewed by the Committee on a bi-weekly basis. Decisions will NOT be made outside of this period and WILL NOT be made on an individual basis. Please do not ask any Committee or staff members to deviate from the rules set during these unprecedented times. We will be meeting around the middle of July to review these measures and we will post an update around the Clubhouse, on the notice board on entry and online via the website and Social Media.

You may not agree with the decisions we have made, or that we will make, but these decisions have been and will be made with everyone’s safety in mind by The Committee Members whom represent the larger membership. If you feel there are better options, thoughts, then please contact a committee member for us to consider.

We ask for your continued support in the reopening of the Club and adhere to the measures we’ve put in place to encourage fair use and safety for everyone. Anyone found not abiding to the measures we have set will be asked to leave the Club and risk their membership. Times are unprecedented and we are in this for the long haul so please bear with us during these times.

Please be patient, be kind and above all responsible.