Jesse Dinnie – Australian International

For the 2016 season Liversedge have had Jesse Dinnie, an Australian all-rounder – playing for the 1st XI. Jesse has also helped out with coaching the younger teams, and has been a popular figure around the club.

I caught up with him and asked him a few questions:

Liversedge: What first got you interested in cricket?

Jesse: I have a brother two and half years older than me who was mad on cricket which just grew on me I guess as a youngster.

L: How did you end up coming to Liversedge?

J: Well, I had an agent by the name of Steve Hirst who got me in contact with Liversedge and then things just went from there.

L: What’s the most surprising or unexpected thing you’ve found out about the UK – or Yorkshire in particular?

J: The most surprising thing would have to be the fact that it is summer and there is no bloody sun. I was warned about this before I came over but I never thought it would be this bad.

L: What do you miss most about Australia?

J: I would have to say my family and friends, the weather and the lifestyle in general.

L: Can you describe where you’re from? What’s the area like? Is the weather as good as we think it is? Is cricket really popular Down Under?

J: First of all I’m from Pakenham which is a suburb about 50 minutes out of Melbourne CBD. It is a bit of a country town which is very sport orientated. Summer is definitely as good as you think it is but sometimes the heat can be a bit too much considering I played a game last season in 43 degree heat which was a killer. Cricket down under is definitely very popular and is a lot more professional then you would probably get over here.

L: Besides cricket, what else do you enjoy doing?

J: Other than cricket I also enjoy my Aussie rules football, being from Melbourne that would have to be our biggest sport.

L: Who’s your favourite cricketer?

J: My favourite cricketer would have to be Cookie (Alastair Cook).

L: What’s next for you after Liversedge?

J: I will be heading back home to Casey South Melbourne Cricket Club to continue focusing on my cricket and see where things take me from there.

Jesse Dinnie with Tim Bresnan

Thanks to Jesse for his playing this season, and we wish him all the best for the future.