Under 9s Cricket Training


Harry Preston: Harry has been moving through the junior ranks at Liversedge for several years, in the last season or so graduating into the adult cricket teams. While he’s no longer eligible for playing junior cricket he is using his enthusiasm to help coach our youngest players.

Coaching and matches

At U9 level we coach the children in the basics of cricket: batting and bowling, with some simple fielding skills. U9 matches are 16 overs in length, have teams of 8 players, and every child has the opportunity to bat, bowl and field in every position.

Matches are held on Saturday mornings, and teams play several matches in a mini-tournament. These mini-tournaments are an opportunity for the club which hosts them to welcome lots of families, and there are normally refreshments and often hot sandwiches for sale. That certainly makes getting up early on a Saturday morning and sitting at the side of a cricket field more bearable! We do recommend you take deck-chairs, though.