Under 15s Cricket Training


James LunnJames Lunn: James has been coaching at Liversedge cricket club since he was fourteen years old and is now a valuable player for our first team. He is currently a level 2 coach, employed at Pro Coach Yorkshire, is Heavy Woollen under 17’s head coach and has now gained a role with West Yorkshire as the under 10’s heads coach. James is also available for private 1:1 coaching upon request.

Andy BiddleAndy Biddle: Andy has been an enthusiastic supporter of the club since his sons started playing for Liversedge CC. This means that he spends a considerable amount of time at Liversedge CC and has recently joined the General Committee. Andy’s eldest son is a budding leg spin bowler and a keen middle order batter.

Coaching and matches

U15 coaching is the final preparation for players before moving into adult teams. It’s not unusual to see U15 players showing particular skill to play as part of the Liversedge 2nd XI. Coaching becomes more specialised, with players concentrating on their chosen specialist areas – spin or fast bowling, batting, wicket keeping, as well as general fielding techniques.

Matches are held on Monday evenings, usually starting at 6pm, and we expect a high level of professionalism from players at U15 level. It’s very likely by this age that players are thinking about progressing to further levels in cricket – either as part of adult teams, or moving up to league and district level if they have the level of skill required. We’re enthusiastic about encouraging any player who wants to increase their skills with bat and ball, and will provide advice and support for this.