Under 11s Cricket Training


Andrew McDermottAndrew McDermott: Andrew played junior cricket and football for Liversedge from the age of nine and was part of the Under 17 cricket team that won the league title. After hanging up his pads, he has also been first XI scorer and a member of the bar staff. He now has a son in the Under 15s and a daughter in the Under 11s. He is a sports journalist for the Press Association and lives in Norristhorpe with wife Natalie and his children.

Coaching and matches

At Under 11 level we introduce hard-ball cricket, so training involves a lot more protective equipment. We also step up coaching to increase children’s skill with both bat and ball. We train on the field and in the outdoor nets, and at this level children are starting to get a feel for the different types of bowling and often picking a style: fast or spin. Even though we take U11s cricket more seriously there’s still plenty of opportunity for fun, and we often play very competitive Quick Cricket.

Under 11 matches are held on Thursday evenings starting at about 6pm. Teams have 11 players and are 16 overs in length, and use a junior-sized hard-ball. Matches normally last up to 2 hours, and can get very exciting if there’s a tempting target to be chased!

Because only two teams are involved there are normally smaller crowds than at U9 mini-tournaments, but we are grateful to get good support from players families. There is sometimes a barbecue cooking at LCC (and sometimes at other clubs, too), and as usual we recommend you bring deck-chairs.